Focused on Your Pet's Whole-body Health.
Based in Georgetown, Delaware

Veterinary Alternative Care is a quiet practice which provides holistic and alternative medicine to dogs and cats. A ‘whole body’ approach ensures your pets can feel their best.

Veterinary Alternative Care is located just north of Georgetown, Delaware. Our practice is easily accessible on US Route 113 and centrally located on Delmarva. Please call or email to schedule your holistic visit.

Best alternative care vet in the area! Acupuncture, acupressure, food therapy, herbals and more.


Our services focus on Acupuncture and Laser Acupuncture, Chinese Herbals, Food Therapy, and Ozone Therapy. These alternative therapies can greatly improve your pet’s health.

Whether addressing chronic skin disease, arthritis, cancer, or other health issues, Dr. Christina utilizes a more holistic approach. Our services focus on building health rather than blocking a part of a disease process.

We also offer Vaccine Titers, including Rabies Titers, Annual Wellness labwork, and Allergy testing. Integrating Western and Eastern medicine provides the best options for your pet.

By using gentle therapies and focusing on the whole animal, holistic and alternative medicine offer a strong approach to health and wellness. Acupuncture is one of the five branches of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine and just one part of the therapies Dr. Christina Abramowicz offers. By taking into account the whole animal, its diet, environment, and current and past health problems, she is able to offer a thorough approach to medicine. She is able to effectively treat issues your pets have been struggling with for years, along with any recent problems.

Therapies Offered:

A new patient session lasts 60 minutes, and follow up visits are 30 minutes. Dr. Christina Abramowicz is dedicated to taking time to evaluate and treat the whole animal.


Alternative medicine can greatly help your dogs and cats feel their best. The right foods for your individual animal are just as important to health as treating disease with Chinese Medicine, Posture Rehabilitation, and other holistic therapies. 

Dogs and cats greatly enjoy these therapies, and their owners notice a positive change, often as soon as the first treatment.

Health issues that can be treated or prevented with a holistic approach include:


Dr. Christina Abramowicz obtained her DVM degree from Oklahoma State University. Her own experiences with alternative medicine led her to study acupuncture. She is dedicated to improving animal health using a more gentle approach, and to utilizing therapies which best meet the needs of her patients.

She studied Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, and Tui-Na at the Chi Institute in Florida. She is an American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association member and attends their annual conferences. This education has given her a solid foundation and allowed her to better understand subtle health issues.

Dr. Christina grew up in lower Delaware. She went to college at the University of Delaware, and studied at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. She went to vet school at  Oklahoma State University and graduated in 2010.

Dr. Christina returned to Delaware and opened her practice in 2013. She is enjoying being back on the Eastern Shore and seeing patients from all over Delmarva.